Malika Cherry


A complex combination of dramatic beauty and vibrant creativity. Mesmerizing gazes and luscious lips. These are the timeless moments when fashion meets emotion and artist Malika Cherry renders them admirably in her impressive body of work of modern fine art. 

Malika Cherry specializes in capturing the fierce attitudes of flawless female muses and translating them onto various sizes of canvases. Laying considerable value on refined details, her art pieces will bring class, character and style to any décor.


Malika has a Bachelor and a Master's degree in Business Administration and has been working in economic development for the manufacturing industry for nearly ten years.


She started drawing as soon as she was able to hold a pen and was always obsessed with analyzing perfect woman's facial features. It is her passion for the human face that sparked her interest and continues to be her main driver for painting. 


Around 2012, Malika started experimenting with acrylic and oil painting on fiber canvases.


A few months ago, she launched her artist page on social media to start selling and knew instant success.


In the years to come, Malika Cherry will intensify her online presence and will take part in exhibitions.


Beautés du monde is Malika Cherry's first art series. Counting more that ten art pieces, it combines her passion for esthetical perfection and her interests in traveling around the world.

Réflexions is the artist's second and ongoing series of paintings. Featuring beauties wearing trendy sunglasses, this collection will make you wonder about life, yourself and the world you see.